About Our Ministry

Our Ministry is helping people on the Island of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

Our Ministry is also a 501c3 tax excempt no profit organization

1. Our ministry is supporting 2 pastors each month finacially as they do what God has called them to do with thier church, jail and street ministry. We speak Wisdom from the Holy Spirit into thier lives and encourage them on a regular bases. 

2. Our Ministry also helps widows that have no support from anyone else to make sure that they have rice and something to eat. We give them money for rice to help each widow have food each day. Now they do not have to beg for rice from others in the village! The widow that is living with her is blind.

3. We feed 35 children everyday that did not eat everyday before. With the finacial help from people that believe in what we are doing there, our Ministry provides each child's tuition for elementary and high school each year, pay for each child's school supplies for one year, a back pack and food everyday to take to school. One of our workers there and a lady from church gets up every morning before light and cooks food for the kids to take to school. There is no cafeteria at the school...So no food no lunch.

The children used to have to walk to school a little over 2 miles each way to school. We give the children 35php (.75) each day so that they can ride to school by the local tricycle drivers. It has made the tricycle drivers happy also, since now they have work everyday taking the kids to and from school. The kids are so excited to be able to go to school everyday, have new uniforms, food and a ride to school. They really praise God for supplying everything and more for what they asked for. But you see, God is a God of more than enough...not just enough !

4. There are two vilages of Mangyan Tribe that are starting to get civilized and wearing clothes have started coming to a weekly Bible Study that the pastors have for them. About 90% of these Mangyan Tribe on the island mostly just wear a loin cloth to cover thier privates. Please pray for the pastors as they bring The Word to these tribal people each week for their lives to be changd by the Spirit of the Living God! 

5. There are more children that are waiting for the new school year to start so that they can go to school and have food everyday from the donations that are given through our ministry. Thank you for helping us help these children that would not have been able to go to school before or have food to eat everyday.