Our Ministers


Terry Hucks



Terry is a Missionary Evangelist to the Philippines and has been ministering to people in the Philippines since 2005. He believes in miracles and has seen many people's lives change, healed and set free by the Power of the Spirit of God. He shares the compassion and love of Christ as he ministers to people of all ages. 
Terry was radically saved in 1984 from 16 years of alcohol and drug addiction. Terry started hanging out with motorcycle gangs in the summer of 1970. Soon after that he quit high school and joined the Marines during Vietnam.
After he gave his life to Jesus in 1984, he still rode his motorcycle, but now was telling other people that rode Harley-Davidsons about the love of Jesus and that He was not mad at them but loved them, no matter what they had done.
Terry has shared his life story to many churches here in the US, around the world and seen many peeple come to know the salvation knowlege of Christ. In 1994, while serving in another ministry, he was asked to share his life's story to Kenneth Copeland's television ministries. Many lives were changed and encouraged as it was shown on TBN during the summers of 1994 and 1995.

Rochelle Hucks


Rochelle and Terry have been married for 7 years and she is a very big part of this Ministry. Rochelle was raised in Full Gospel churches from a small child. She gave her life to the Lord later on in life as she was dissappointed in life and picked up a Bible while visiting one of her Aunts in Manila, Philippines. As she began to read the written Word of God, the very Words began to touch her heart and she asked Jesus to change her life and He did. She interprets while Terry shares the Word. Rochelle and Terry work as a team laying hands on people seeing lives changed by the Power of God. 
As moved by the Spirit of God, Rochelle and Terry have ministered to people everywhere they go from gas stations, grocery stores, malls and anywhere that the Lord leads them to pray for people. We pray for Devine appointments, phone calls and conversations most everyday looking for oppertunities for the Spirit of the Living God to touch people's lives and change them forever!

Helen Flores

Treasurer and
Children's Minister


Helen is such a blessing to the children and this ministry. Her heart is in seeing that these kids are taken care of and that each one of the children get the same thing. She also goes to the schools and pays for each one of them tuition. She our treasurer and adminisrator for the Ministry there making sure that every dime that is sent there for a purpose gets used for that purpose. 
Hellen also makes sure that all of our ministry itenerary is in order before we arive. Hellen and Jocelyn work together as they visit the children's place where they live and make sure that they are doing good. These children go through alot each day. Helen and Jocelyn look after the children in everyway... physically, emotionally and Spiritually...They are a real blessing to this ministry, the children and to the whole village!

Jocelyn Bohol

Children's Minister


Jocelyn is such a blessing to this ministry but especially to the children. Jocelyn is in charge of making sure that they have the food that they need to cook each morning before the children go to school.  Jocelyn and one of the women from church divide the food out so that each child gets a good lunch with meat and rice to take to school. The children are so excited now because they have better food than the other children at school!
But, you know what, God does not do anything half way! He wants us to have the best!
Jocelyn also makes sure that each child has signed for thier 35P that they get every morning to pay for their breakfast and their ride to and from school.