Who we help...

Thanks for taking an interest in our ministry. We are minstering to the children and widows in a remote area of Roxas, Oriental Minidoro, Philippines.

The children that we minister to

There are 37 children that we are helping with their education, daily food, uniforms for school and their transportation to and from school. The children that were able to go to school from time to time before were walking over 2 kilometers each way to and from school on a daily bases...rain or shine.
Through our ministry, each of the children are now able to get a ride from the local tricycle drivers. These drivers are now able to make money in this remote village since our ministry has started helping the children there. Before, the drivers were not able to earn much money since people there are very poor, did not have the money to pay the drivers and mostly walked everywhere, no matter how far.

We are working through a local church there where the some of the children are going to church, but they were not able to financially help them. 

There were alot of parents and children in the village before that did not believe that they really needed the Lord in their lives. Now they have seen thier children's prayers answered by not only being able to go to school, but also have food everyday, have a uniform to wear like the other children, and have a ride not having to walk to school any longer. The pastor has told them to look at how God has provided for thier children and they need to come to church, thank God for what He has done for their children and start living for Him. Now the church is full of people, children and thier parents, thanking God for what He has done! God is so good!! He is faithful to perform His Word on our behalf...
We are looking for sponsors for he kids to help them on a annual bases. It cost $360 per year, that is $1.50 per school day...That gives them food everyday for school, transportation to and from school and breakfast before they go to school.
Thanks again for your interest and your help as we minister to these children and look for sponsers for them to invest into thier lives on a daily bases.
Look at the page "Meet the Children" and see pictures of the children and their story. When you look at these kids playing, laughing and joking around, you would never know what they are going through on a daily bases. Some of them are abandonded by thier parents, some orphaned, all of them really poor and really going through things that we here in the United States never go through or think about. These children will steal your hearts as they have ours. Thanks again for helping us help them.

Widows That We Feed

We also have a two widows that we are taking care of. One of widows is blind. The one widow has been walking from house to house around the village asking for a cup of rice so they have some rice to eat. These widow ladies really need help.
When we found out about the 2 widows, we sent our treasurer some money so that she can get a sack of rice for them. They were so happy to have food and now they don't need to beg for food from the other people in the village.
The thing that was so awesome about this is that ealier that night, a man came up to me and after talking about the pictures from the Phillippines that I had shown him, that man took out a large amount of money, gave it to me and told me to use it anyway that was needed to help the people there! Thank you Lord! We had money to give to the widows for them to get food and more. The Spirit of God works through people to get things done for Him! Are you listening! He is a God of more than enough!
Our ministry is also looking for people that will help widows and others that may not have a place to live. They are called squaters since they have no place.
We can have a nipa hut built that is 8' X 12', in 3 days and is about $300. They have a dirt floor and grass woven sides and roof. Having her own place would be a big help for the people in the village that have no place. We can also get people a half of sack of rice for about $25 dollars US.

Thank you for helping us help these seriously poor people with food and a place to call thier own.