Special Projects

From time to time we will have a special project that we will be raising money to complete. At this time we have 4 projects that will be coming up in the near future. We are also a 501c3 tax exempt Ministry.

1. We are in the process of building a Feeding Center in Roxas in the village where the children live. This is a very remote village where there are very few ways to make money to buy food to feed their family or send their children to school. After the building is finished, we will be cooking the lunch for the children to take to school and feeding anyone in the village once a day that does not have means to buy food to eat everyday. The building will have a small living quarters for our administrator to live so she can watch over the building and the computer learning program that we will have there in the future. 
We have the plans on the Roxas Feeding Center page where you can see the lay out and a side view of the building. It will be a cinder block building with a tin roof with a septic tank. We have an estimate of $6000 to build the 2400 sqaure foot building. That is not much compared to what it would cost in the build this building!

2. The Mangyan Tribe children that we are ministering to also need help with education.We really need to purhase some land to build a nipa building on that can be used for a church and school.

3. Most of the children do not have shoes of any kind. Some of them find flip flops to wear in the trash piles or take banana leaves and tie them to their feet with small rope that they make from the nipa leaves. They are very resourceful.

We were able to purchase 70 pairs of flip flops and give them to the children in the village where we help the children with their education and one of the Mangyan villages this past October when we were there. We were able to preach to them, give out the food, give the children little bags of chocolates and gave them new flip flops. They were very thankful for everything!

As we were leaving, one of the older Mangyan women came up to the van and looked at me with a smile and gave me a small basket that she had made to show her thanks...just saying thank you for what we did for them. When she look into my eyes, there were small tears in her eyes that were also smiling! My eyes teared up when I saw her heart!

4. We are believing God for the finances to purchase 350 Bibles in Tagalog, the National Language in the Philipppines. Pray for us as we talk to people, that we are able to get a good price on them to share the Gospel of Jesus and know that each person that we minister to has a Bible...the churches, villages and prison where we minister.

Thank you in advance for giving what ever the Lord puts in your heart to give whether it is to ministry needs or to one of the projects.  We pray over every donation and ask the Lord to bless the giver 1000 times over and above what they have sewn into this ministry to help these people there in the Philippines. This Ministry is good ground to sew into!

With people's help, we are making a difference in these children's lives along with the people in the village. Since our Ministry has started helping the children and as the people in the village has seen the provision of God for them, the church near the village has grown from about 80 on a Sunday morning to over 150 on a Sunday morning! God is in the mutiplication business! 
Thank each of you for every prayer and financial blessing that you are sewing into our ministry! You are a blessing! Thank you!