Special Projects And Needs


As we were feeding the children in Roxas that we support with thier education and fresh cooked food everyday, one of the ladies that helps us there told me that there people at the street that were hungry and wanted to know if they could have something to eat. I told her to tell them that we had more than enough and for them to come eat. That is when the Spirit of God put it in my heart to build a feeding center to feed people once a day to make sure that no one goes hungry in the village. This is a very remote area and there is not alot of work for the people to do on a regular bases to get money everyday to feed their families. Alot of them just don't have the means to be able to feed their families everyday. Ask the Lord how He would have you to get involved with what we are doing there to help these people. Thank you for your prayers and for anything that you donate to help us help them. As soon as the money comes in for the Feeding Center, we will be traveling there to oversea the project. We will be there for about 1-2 months until the project is complete and we start feeding people there.  At that time, we will need finances for air fare - about $3000 for 2 round trip tickets, finances for food, a small house to rent near the village and local transportation. It takes us 2 days to get to where the children are once we land in Manila.


The cost to build the Roxas Feeding Center is $6000. Here are some ideas to give: 

One person = $6000
Two people = $3000 each
Three people = $2000 each
Four People = $1500 each
five people = $1200 each
six people = $1000 each
seven people = $1000 each
eight  people = $750 each
nine people = $667 each
ten peope = $600 each
fifteen people = $400 each
twenty people = $300 each
twenty five people = $240
thirty people = $200

What group are you in? Or what group could you get together to give to help us meet our goal? Thank you for your help with this so important Feeeding Center project in this village.


We want to really thank everyone that sewed into our ministry that made it possible for us to go to the Philippines this past October and helped us feed over 200 people, preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, see healing miracles in people's lives, encourage people in prison and see people get set free, giving Hope to the Hopeless and Help to the Helpless. Help us reach our goal of $6000 for us to go back to the Philippines so we can stay for 2 - 3 months and oversea the buiding of the Feeding Center in Roxas.


It would be awesome for you to give towards any of these real needs. We just want to thank you in advance for your prayers and support! We thank each and every person for everything that they give towards this ministry! Every dime is accounted for as we are first accountable to God and then to the people that give to this ministry!


Terry and Rochelle