God has called us to a very unique ministry in the Philippines in a very remote area on the Island of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines and in some mountains where two villages of Mangyan Tribe people are.

God has called us to walk as Jesus did when He was walking the Earth. He said that we would do the things that He did and Greater! 

Pray for us as we challenge and encourage people to have a closer relationship with God. Let me ask you a question. What are you running after? The things of the World or the things of God? What is it that you are making more important in your life than your relationship with God... What do you love more than Him? Please make Him first in your life so that everything else in your life will fall into place. Before Jesus changed my life in 1984, I was running after women, drugs and alcohol and my motorcycle was the most important thing in my life! More than any woman or anything else! Then I met Jesus the One and only Son of the Living God! I asked Him to changed my life and He did. Ever since then I have been running after Him, His Word and doing the things that He has called me to do ministering to people all over the world and every walk of life.

Where are you walking today? What have you let get in the way of your relationship with Him? What happened to your first love? Remember the day that you gave your life to Christ? Remember the closeness that you felt at that time? 

The Father has His hand stretched out to you right now to help you get back on track where you were at one time. No condemnation..... just a loving Father that wants us to walk with Him so He can talk to us, share His Heart with you and what He has called you to do. He wants you to walk out your Plan and Purpose that He has for your life... He is a loving Father!!

If you have never asked Jesus Christ into your life or if you just need to rededicate you life to Him...Please pray this prayer to make your relationship with Him the way that it is supposed to be, ok...
Jesus, I'm so tired of the way that I have been living, it has gotten me in a sad and lonely place. Please forgive me of anything that I have ever done against you or anything that you have created...I believe that you died on the cross for me and rose from the dead on the 3rd day victorious over death, Hell and the grave...Please come into my life right now and change my life...Help me to live for you the rest of my life! In Jesus Name...AMEN!

If you really meant what you said with all of your are now a Born Again Believer of the Lord Jesus Christ!! You are a new person in Christ. You are Heaven Bound!! AMEN!!

You may not completely understand everything that just happened to you, but please go to a church in your area that is ON FIRE FOR GOD! Don't go to a dead one...

Please fill free to contact us about your decision!

You are a Blessing!!