Roxas Feeding Center



While we were feeding the 35 children that we support with their school and food each day to take for thier lunch, there were people standing at the road that were hungry and wanted to know if they could have some food. When our Children's Minister told me that, It really touched my heart to know that there were still so many people in the village that were hungry, not eating everyday.

I told them to tell the people that they were welcome to eat and that we had plenty. It reminded me of the table that our Father has laid before us. It has everything that we need...we will never be hungry for anything...there is always plenty of room and nothing ever runs out! Nothing! What ever we need...He is!

That is when The Holy Spirit told me to build a Feeding Center in the village so that we can feed anyone that lives in the village that does not have food to eat everyday. This is a very remote village and their is little work for them to make money to buy food for thier families. 

Please help us as we go to build the Feeding Center Building on a piece of land that we already have there in the village. The estimate to build the building is $6000 including labor and materials.  The building will be used for feeding people, computer room for the children that are in our school program to help them learn so that they have the training to help them get a job and help feed their families.

We thank you in advance for your prayers and support as we start working on this project. The project may take as long as 6-8 weeks depending on the weather. We will need to be there to oversee the construction of it completed and to see that it opens and starts up good when we finnally open the doors to minister to the people. As we get closer to going there to build it, we will be letting people know what kind of finances that we will need above the cost of the building for us to stay at the project until it is completed. Thank everyone for their prayers and what ever finances that the Lord puts in your heart to give.